I'm all about building strong relationships and working together with my partners, affiliates & sponsors to identify unique opportunities to improve and impact the overall services and connections we build with our clients and the community we live in. Think this could be you? Let's talk.

Return Policy?
C-O-S-T-E-N.COM is offering irrevocable tangible and non-tangible goods; we do not issue refunds after the product is ordered, which you acknowledge prior to purchasing any product at our site. Please ensure you've carefully researched all tabs, sections, titles, paragraphs, descriptions, etc. We only make exceptions with this rule when the product appears to be not-as-described on a case-by-case basis at our sole discretion. The deadline for any refund claim is 7 days after the order date. The refund would be issued to you after we establish communication with you on an agreement between both parties to resolve any misunderstandings and problems. This is a required condition. Contact INFO@C-O-S-T-E-N.COM for questions difference.

Shipping and Handling?
All orders are shipped via USPS. See below for prices and delivery times. Please allow an additional 2-3 business days on top of delivery times for order processing and verification. “Unless it’s a pre-order then your order will be shipped after the estimated shipping date”.

Do you offer coaching or consultation services?
Yes, I offer ongoing coaching services for clients looking for more comprehensive support. These sessions cover mental health, business growth, reflective practices, and more, on a weekly basis. For more details and pricing, please contact me directly. Difference.

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